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Original image credit: Julien Gregorio / Phovea / HUG

A miriade of possibilities

Explore project's concepts based on the following themes

Data storage

With generic data structure and dynamic properties, various motion capture format can be loaded.


From data filtering to joint kinetics computation, various published processing methods are available.


Events detection, cycles normalization, and other tools might help you to explain your research hypotheses.


Designed to be simple to use but efficient and powerful, this library can be embedded in your existing workflow.

Proposed for tons of reasons

What are our motivations behind this project?


Because different implementation technic for the same algorithm can affect largely outcomes.


OpenMA wants to be simple to use, easily integrable in your existing workflow, and fast to execute.


All implemented algorithms are tested on different reference datasets to ensure results accuracy and quality.


Because teamwork is the best way to generate better results, OpenMA wants to facilitate exchange between teams.


Captured data can come from different acquisition systems, but at the end, the processing pipeline stays the same.

With passion

Started in 2009, reshaped in 2015, the project continues to evolve to improve movement analysis knowledge!

For researchers, engineers, and developers

Lots of ideas came out when this project started.
What do you think about the followings?

  • Offer a set of conventional tools to speed up the development part and focus on analyses
  • Propose standard ways to structure, process, and analyze data
  • Simplify the sharing of knowledge between teams to forge new collaborations and strengthen existing ones
  • Centralize past and new algorithms to facilitate exchanges
  • Create a community of developers and end-users focused on movement analysis

Available for different programming languages

C++ 11

Python 2 & 3
Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Cross platform code - 32 & 64-bit




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