C++ Reference Pages

Modules List#

Base of the project with common classes and utilities.

Classes for input and output operations on devices.

Linear algebra for reconstructed data.

Classes List#

Generic type to store and convert other types.

Class to store reconstructed data.

Base class for data storage.

Base class for binary operations.

Read/write binary data from any Device.

Expression to extract a block of data.

Device to read/write data from/to a file.

Utilitary to define conversion from/to a Any object. The role of this class is to facilitate the registration of a type using Any::Register.

Compute the cross product of two expressions.

Interface class used to write message sent by the logger.

Interface to read and write on any type of device (e.g. File, Buffer, etc.).

Compute difference between given expressions.

Domain error exception.

Compute euler angles.

Label a specific time.

General class for exception.

Exception thrown by the inherited classes of the interface Device.

Device to read/write data from/to a file.

General exception to use when an error happens during the reading/writing of data. The internal implementation of a Handler use exception to determine if something wrong happened. All kind of exceptions are catched, but it is strongly advise to use FormatError for case managed by an handler.

To read/write data from/to an I/O device in a specific format.

Logic error exception.

Compute the inverse.

Class to centralize log messages and write them to a device.

Logic error exception.

An array expression mapping an existing array of data.

Compute the average for each row.

Base class for the data structure.

Normalize the data.

Compute the Euclidean norm for each row.

Base for all objects which need to keep track of modified time.

Out of range exception.

Define an Array with 12 columns to represent a 3D orientation and a 3D position along a sequence. Convenient class with dedicated methods to construct/access poses.

Template interface used to manage static properties defined for a class.

Define a static propery used in ma::Node class or inheriting classes.

Utilitary to register a new type in an Any object.

Replicate the rows vertically.

Runtime error exception.

Scale the data.

Compute the sum of two expressions.

Multidimensional time series container.

Compute the transformation of two expressions.

Unique identifier for each type without using runtime type identifier.

Base class for unary operations.

Utilitary to unregister a new type in an Any object.

Base class for all template expressions used in the maths module.