OpenMA is in heavy development

No binary is yet proposed. However, you can access to the source code and compile it yourself. You can read the nightly documentation and start to play with OpenMA! You will be able for example to:

  • Read and write C3D files ;
  • Reconstruct model based on the Plug-in Gait markers set ;
  • Extract joint kinematics and kinetics ;
  • And more!

Source code#

The C++ source code is available on Github and requires the use of a C++11 compatible compiler (see the list of test OS and compiler below). The building instructions are available on the wiki for the developers.

What's included#

In addition to create C++ static or dynamic libraries, language bindings are also available in the source code. Currently, a subset of OpenMA is available for Matlab and Python.


You have several ways to contact the community and its helpful resources. Check our support page for more information.

Operating systems and compilers supported#

The following compilers were used successfully. In case you use a compiler not listed below, please report it using one of the way provided in the Community section.


Mac OS#


License FAQs#

OpenMA is released under the New BSD license and is copyright 2016 Moveck Solution Inc. Boiled down to smaller chunks, it can be described with the following conditions.

It requires you to:#

It permits you to:#

It forbids you to:#

It does not require you to:#